About Eurocinema

Since 2007, Eurocinema has been dedicated to showing award-winning European and International films, as well as European lifestyle and cinema news.

We are currently available in over 36 million homes in the United States and Canada as an On Demand channel on major cable and telco systems such as Comcast, Verizon, Charter, Cablevision and Shaw. Click here for a complete listing of cable carriers.

Our goal is to create a unique film viewing experience by providing the viewer with a diverse selection of European entertainment in a single place.

Eurocinema will soon also be available, on various IPTV platforms, as a 24/7 live TV network.

Eurocinema On Cable

How do I watch Eurocinema films on my cable system?
Go to the On Demand menu of your cable provider and look for Eurocinema. Click here to see if your cable provider carries Eurocinema. No subscription required. Pay as you watch.

For more information, write to us at contactus@eurocinema.com

Eurocinema is a registered trademark® of Eurocinema-USA, LLC.